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Welcome to Romulus Restaurant Group, a "short-stack" of companies that operate and develop IHOP restaurants. From our headquarters in Phoenix, AZ, RRG operates IHOP restaurants in Arizona, Idaho, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, and Ohio.


Founded and led by primary owner/CEO Chris Milisci, Romulus has consistently ranked in the “Franchisee Top 100” by the Restaurant Finance Monitor and received numerous awards from IHOP corporate including Franchisee of the Year. Both Mr. Milisci and Romulus give back to our community and have been recognized for their charitable work.


At Romulus we believe that employees are each restaurant’s greatest asset, and we strive for a safe, respectful, and productive work environment. Our continued growth and success is dependent upon the cooperation and teamwork of all employees, regardless of their position. The full use of each employee’s knowledge, experience, abilities, and energy are important to our success as we work together to attain the highest degree of customer satisfaction.



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